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Our Curious Amalgam Podcast Hosted by Alicia Downey: Dovetail or Discord? The Evolving Relationship between Antitrust and Data Privacy Law

Jul 12, 2021

Regulators and academics in the United States and beyond are increasingly focused on the interaction between data privacy and antitrust, both in mergers and challenges to the unilateral conduct of dominant digital firms. Professor Erika Douglas is a leading voice in the vanguard of thinkers considering the ways in which data privacy and antitrust laws interact with each other currently and how they should interact in the future. Join co-hosts Alicia Downey and Christina Ma for an in-depth exploration with Professor Douglas about the tensions and touchpoints between competition and data privacy. Listen to this episode to understand cutting edge issues of concern to global digital businesses and the consumers who engage with them. Click here to access the podcast.